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Our silk scarves will add a touch of glamour
to any outfit. Here we present to you the Joules
guide to scarf tying. Perfect for scarf-tying
novices and seasoned pros alike.

Which Style Works for you?
The Half Bow
The Plait
The School Tie
The Butterfly Bow
The Ascot

For scarf tying beginners, this bow is a
great place to start. Simple, but oh so effective
it's a great way of showcasing our prints.

The Half Bow
The Half Bow - Clarence
The Plait - Bloomfield

A stylish alternative to a necklace or
chunky beads, this French twist will add
an elegant edge to any shirt

The Plait

A great lesson in scarf tying, try this with a
shirt and pull it out over a jumper - if you really
want a classic country look, we recommend
throwing on a tweed jacket too!

The School Tie
The School Tie - Bloomfield
The Butterfly Bow - Bloomfield

This bow can be used with almost any outfit in your
wardrobe. It's a really playful style and looks even
more stunning when used with matching prints.

The Butterfly Bow

Perfectly practical - we can't think of a more
luxurious way of keeping out the cold.

The Ascot
The Ascot - Bloomfield
Snaffle yourself a scarf