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Rocket Gardens Small Constant Garden Gift Voucher
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Small Constant Garden Gift Voucher, Multi



Our new range of Constant Gardens are the best and easiest way to ensure you have an amazing and continuous supply of fresh produce bursting from your garden throughout the entire year.
Your Constant Garden will comprise of a series of 5 gardens delivered throughout the year.

Simply order you instant garden gift voucher from Joules, and Rocket Gardens will then dispatch you ready-to-grow 'baby' plant to create your instant garden.Just pop your plants into prepared soil and hey presto you are beginning to live the good life!

As with all Rocket Gardens we've done all the tricky stuff for you, so all you have to do is unpack your plants on arrival, pop them into the ground and watch them grow.
A detailed growing guide will be provided with each garden delivery.
You will need 10-15 m2 of space to grow this garden. Larger plants which take up more space such as courgettes, pumpkins, potatoes, and tomatoes can easily be grown in containers.

Delivery 1
Mid March dispatch
In March you will receive a selection of organic seed potatoes ready to be chitted and planted into your veg patch, raised beds or containers.
Early potatoes x 10 tubers. Variety Colleen or similar
Second early seed potatoes x 10 tubers . Variety Maris Peer (or similar)
Maincrop seed potatoes x 10 tubers . Variety Isle of Jura (or similar)
Salad potatoes x 10 tubers. Variety Charlotte (or similar)

Also included with your seed potato delivery will be a 10litre sack of wormcast fertiliser. Use a scoop of wormcast with each seed potato as you plant.

Delivery 2
Late April dispatch
This garden delivery contains the following growing baby plants:
Mixed Lettuce x 15
Red cabbage x 5
White cabbage x 5
Savoy cabbage x 5
Beetroot x 10
Perpetual spinach x 10
Leeks x 10
Wild rocket x 10
Rainbow chard x 10
Onions x 20
Carrots x 20
Peas x 10
Sage x 1
Thyme x 1
Chives x 1
Rosemary x 1

Delivery 3
Mid May Dispatch

This garden contains the following growing baby plants:
Mizuna x 10
Lettuce x 15
Celery x 10
Cauliflower x 5
Calabrese x 5
Cauliflower romanesco x 5
Celeriac x 10
Carrots x 20
Courgette x 3
French green beans x 5
Runner beans x 10
Peas x 10
Tomatoes x 5
Pumpkins x 5
Artichoke x 5
Mint x 1
Parsley x 1

Also included with your Mid May delivery will be a 10litre sack of wormcast fertiliser

Delivery 4
Mid June Delivery
This garden contains the following growing baby plants:
Purple sprouting broccoli x 10
Cauliflower x 10
Swede x 10
Brussels sprouts x 10
Leaf beet bulls blood x 10
Beetroot x 10
Mixed lettuce x 15
Peas x 10
Sweetcorn x 15
Cucumber x 5
Mixed pepper and chilli selection x 6
French green beans x 5
Butternut squash x 3
Carrots x 10
Courgette x 3
Oregano x 1

Delivery 5
Late August / September Delivery

This garden will provide a supply of fresh vegetables and salads from September right through the winter and beyond into the following spring.

This garden contains the following growing baby plants:
Red russian kale x 10
Cornsalad x 10
Winter lettuce x 15
Endive x 10
Spring green cabbage x 10
Winter purslane x 10
Tatsoi x 10
Pak choi x 10
Landcress x 10
Spinach x 10
Cavolo nero x 10
Borecole x 10
Spring onions x 20
Red knight mizuna x10
Packet of Broad bean seeds

Redeem your gift voucher and Rocket Gardens will deliver the following baby organic plants at the perfect time for planting:

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